KDK 20

Technical Specs

Direction of Drive Rotation clockwise/counter clockwise
Torque 30 lb-ft
Energy Capacity 650,000 ft·lb
Max Bore Output 2.38 in
Max Bore Input 2.88 in
Fluid 64 oz
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Features of the KDK 20

Kiln Drive Coupling

The high mechanical efficiency of modern rotary kilns allows relatively free reverse rotation (rollback) that can overspeed drive components. This presents a danger to equipment and personnel in that uncontrolled rollback can result in centrifugal explosion of these components. The PT Tech KDK Kiln Drive Coupling provides a simple, reliable, and economical method of controlling kiln roll back.

  • Automatic Disengagement for Chain Driven Auxiliary
  • Drives for Conveyors & Equipment in Power Plants and Mills
  • High Speed Backstopping