Conveyor Braking Systems


Conveyer Braking Packages are each unique based upon the project.  The elements involved are common (calipers, disc, hydraulic, etc.). The most significant functional difference is in the controls.

Standard Units use an Open Loop System

In a standard system, stopping time is set to a calculated amount of time. The actual stopping time depends on the conveyor’s belt load.  Braking time can be adjusted by changing an adjustable orifice within the hydraulic unit.

Smart Units use a Closed Loop System

The brake system’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is programmed with a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) loop that establishes the rate of deceleration (slope) and regulates a proportional control valve. Stopping time is consistent regardless of the conveyer’s belt load.  A more detailed description can be found on the PT Tech Conveyer Braking Systems brochure.

PT Tech utilizes SIME or Deliner Calipers and Allen-Bradley PLC’s. However, PT Tech has supplied totally enclosed wet brakes for the conveyor system.  The largest to date has a torque rating of 80,000 lb-ft. (pictured on right). Wet brakes are special and designed per project.