Our marine products aim to protect some of the world’s largest offshore energy and dredge operators from down time in the costliest of environments. PT Tech provides the peace of mind for these applications to avoid flying in replacement parts by increasing uptime and by providing clutch and brake products with reliable long life, using control units specifically designed to help OEM’s and Operators maintain your equipment and improve predictive failure.

HPTO® Diesel Engine Clutches

PT Tech manufactures two HPTO® families commonly called DRY and WET clutches. HPTO® DRY clutches have their disc packs operate in a dry (oil free) environment, whereas the HPTO® WET clutches have their disc pack operate in a wet (oil soaked) environment

NBE & VFDB Brake Series

NBE & VFDB brakes are designed to operate in dynamic situations. Existing motor brakes are designed as holding brakes, to be applied when the VFD has brought the motor to zero rpm. Their friction material is specifically formulated to have a high static friction coefficient.