Wood Waste Recycling

PT Tech has long been a leader in the wood waste recycling market with our HPTO product line.  HPTO was launched in 1999 and invented the computer-controlled PTO clutch market.  Leadership in the performance, safety and throughput of your recycling equipment begins with PT Tech HPTO hydraulic power take off clutches, torque limiters, and control units.

HPTO® Diesel Engine Clutches

PT Tech manufactures two HPTO® families commonly called DRY and WET clutches. HPTO® DRY clutches have their disc packs operate in a dry (oil free) environment, whereas the HPTO® WET clutches have their disc pack operate in a wet (oil soaked) environment

Torque Limiters

PT Tech is known as the world’s leading expert in Torque Limiters. Since 1978, PT Tech has led the charge in torque limiting research, testing, and products for extreme machines in: tunnel boring, mining, recycling, off-highway, steel, and the wind industry.