Tunnel Boring

In 1986, PT Tech was asked by a leading Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) manufacturer to assist them in designing an improved driveline.  Often, TBMs can become stuck due to changes in the material or collapses across a long tunnel.  PT Tech’s solution was a specialty high-energy clutch to allow the motor drive inertia to aid in breaking the cutterhead loose.  These clutches were first used in the Channel Tunnel dig and have now been used worldwide as a cost effective solution to expensive VFD drives.

Torque Limiters

PT Tech is known as the world’s leading expert in Torque Limiters. Since 1978, PT Tech has led the charge in torque limiting research, testing, and products for extreme machines in: tunnel boring, mining, recycling, off-highway, steel, and the wind industry.

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

PT Tech’s TBM clutches have been in service since 1987, allowing for consistent performance in the toughest conditions.  The unique design of the clutch allows for cutterheads to break loose from jams, preventing costly dig outs.  Contact PT Tech today for how this can be designed for your drivetrain.