Hydraulic Power Take Off Clutches

Since 1998, PT Tech’s complete line of HPTO clutches have been used around the globe on the world’s most extreme machines, such as: Wood Waste Recycling Grinder and Chippers, Rock Crushing Equipment, Marine Propulsion, Agricultural Equipment, etc. Our customers connect the HPTO to their diesel engine or electric motor to drive cutterheads, crushing plants (jaws, cones, and impactors), wood shredders, orchard sprayers, mud pumps, etc.

The HPTO clutches are offered in either a dry disc pack or wet disc pack configuration, and all include a hydraulic manifold assembly and a microprocessor clutch controller for push-button (or J1939 CANbus) engagement of the clutch. Your machine’s controls can communicate directly with our clutch controller.

The microprocessor clutch controller continuously monitors the clutch system for possible operator abuse, date and timestamps all fault codes and events, and our ProLink computer software allows service technicians to quickly diagnose any problems in the field. All of this mean greater “up-time” for your machine.