HPTO-R Basic 5


The Future of Industrial Clutches

Basic 5 is designed to make integration, installation, and support of the clutch as easy as possible. If your machine does not have machine hydraulics, Basic 5 is the self-contained system that you need, allowing you the robust performance and features of a PT Tech HPTO! Basic 5 makes troubleshooting simple! Fully integrated means near isolation from the machine, so the hydraulic supply is never in question. As with the Basic 4, the new controller package includes improved energy bucket, dynamic bumps, Bluetooth connectivity, data logging, remote connection, and more! A new ProLink App opens access to the data logging, reprograming, and remote connection for downloading files and emailing, bringing PT Tech diagnostics to your entire service team and offering a new level of support to machines in distant countries. All of these benefits come together on the Basic 5 HPTO-R series clutches to simplify integration, reduce duplication, increase performance, improve communication, and reduce downtime. They also will all have common service kits for faster and easier servicing.

  • Fully Integrated – plug-in design

  • Faster Troubleshooting

  • Easier Field Support

  • Enhanced Connectivity

  • Simple integration into your machine, with or without existing hydraulics!

Technical Specs

The new HPTO R Basic 5 series includes all the Basic 4 platform improvements and adds full internal integration. It comes with a fully integrated components including sump, pump, manifold, valves and filter. All of the internal sensor wiring is built into the clutch, protected from damage and abuse. Simply plug in the communication and power and run the cooler lines and you are ready to go.