MCB Brakes


 Our hydraulic service brakes are designed for use on off highway vehicles, extending our application coverage. 

Design to brake equipment ranging in weight up to 33,000 kg with multiple caliper per wheel configuration. 

Major applications include:

  • Engine mounted Hydraulic Power Take-Off clutches for recycling and aggregate machines
  • Torque limiting clutches and brakes for underground mining equipment
  • Brakes for steel mill and marine heavy lift cranes
  • Gearboxes for wood grinding equipment with integrated brakes and clutches
  • Recommend rotor size of 500 mm and 20mm thick. Compatable with DOT 4 and hydraulic oils

  • Multiple mounting orientations; 9, 12 and 3 o’clock. Can be adapted for different mounting bolt configurations
  • Positive Piston retraction to reduce pad drag and wear
  • Superior pad life compared to competitive benchmark
  • Optional seal configurations to handle extreme environments
  • Designed for easy replacement of pads without removing caliper
  • Multiple Semi-Metallic brake pad options

Technical Specs

Braking Actuations to Wearouts (67rpm, 8-10 Mpa, 200-250 kJ) 80,630