The Future of Industrial Clutches

The new HPTO-R clutches give you greater flexibility. Smaller and lower cost models are now offered at higher HP ranges. One tapered bearing design combines transverse and direct drive versions and gives you increased belt load capacity. Updated hydraulics integrate the sequence valve and updated bumping strategies reduce clutch wear while improving engagement robustness and machine up-time. Utilizing the same clutch, the new controls platform includes improved energy bucket, dynamic bumps, Bluetooth connectivity, data logging, remote connection, and more! A new ProLink App opens access to the data logging, reprograming, and remote connection for downloading files and emailing, bringing PT Tech diagnostics to your entire service team and offering a new level of support to machines in distant countries.

  • Backwards compatibility with existing designs

  • Improved HP Capacity

  • Extended Life Disc Pack

  • New Controller Package, with enhanced data logging

  • Increased Belt Loads

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

Torque 400-1600