Torque Limiter UJT 235


PT Tech’s UJT-500 Series is a maintenance-free continuously engaged friction type torque limiter. The torque setting is pre-set at the factory. The tamper resistant torque setting can only be changed by installing a different complement of spring cup bolts thus preventing equipment damage due to unauthorized adjustment. 

The spring cup bolts are pretested and pre-shimmed to maintain a consistent and predictable force on the friction material. They eliminate the need to adjust the torque limiter torque setting at installation and throughout its wearlife. The spring cup bolts are color-coded according to their strength. The torque is easy to verify by counting the quantity and color of spring bolt assemblies. 

  • Flange-mounted to universal joint driveshafts

  • SAE (Spicer) mounting configurations

  • Single, Double, and Triple Disc

Technical Specs

Max Torque 3,024 lb-ft
Max Speed 2,100 rpm
Inertia – Complete Torque Limiter w/o Coupling 41.3 lb-ft2
Inertia – Torque Limiter Output only 6.0 lb-ft2
Weight 164 lbs
Torque Limited 6.0 lb-ft2


The standard output is machined to accept a Spicer industrial driveshaft. The UJT-500 Series is available with optional input and output configurations. The UJT-500 Series clutches are continuously engaged. They are not subject to nuisance trip-outs like releasable torque limiters (shear pins, ball detent, pressurized slip devices, etc.). The UJT will act like a torsional shock absorber and does not limit drive engine performance because the torque setting is above the engine or electric motor’s peak torque.