Torque Limiter SL 19


PT Tech’s SL Series is a friction torque limiter designed for standard torque and energy requirements for mining applications. This is an economical way to protect your expensive drivetrain from shockload damage, while allowing your equipment to contine to perform.

No resetting is required after shockloads occur and torques are pre-set by your design staff.  PT Tech has other model torque limiters for application requiring greater torque capacity within the same diameter as the SL series.

  • Single or Multi-Disc

  • Hollow motor shaft mounted

  • Compact design

  • Custom designed for your application

  • Low output inertia

Technical Specs

Max Torque 3,312 lb-ft 4,490 Nm
Max Speed 2,000 rpm
Inertia Total 6.32 lb-ft2 0.266 kg-m2
0.785 lb-ft2 0.033 kg-m2
Weight 74 lbs 34 kg
Outside Diameter 10 in 254.0 nm

Torque Settings

A SL Series torque setting is preset at the factory. When the drive system torque exceeds the torque setting, the torque limiter will slip while continuing to transmit torque equal to the setting. This is possible because the static and dynamic coefficient of friction of the disc pack is virtually identical due to proprietary design. 

The SL series torque limiter is designed to operate at motor speed. In most drive systems the prime mover represents approximately 90-95% of the equivalent inertia. 

Application Assitance

PT Tech has analyzed hundreds of drive systems in many types of equipment and industries. Our torque control expertise is available to our customers at no charge to help engineer possible torque protection. 

PT Tech can provide a computerized report that analyzes your drive system and helps determine the need for torque protection. The computer generates a torque analysis graph comparing the maximum torque in the drive system, with and without a TLC torque limiter, under various jam conditions. Also, PT Tech has developed a unique test stand that can simulate shockloads generated by the inertia of motors up to 2,500 HP.