Microprocessor Controlled Hydraulic Clutch

The HPTO318 is a hydraulically applied dry friction clutch designed for off-highway diesel engine driven equipment. Its hydraulic design eliminates the need to adjust the clutch throughout its wear life. The HPTO318 comes in a long version (HPTO318TD) designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing market products, without the need for problematic outboard support bearings, as well as a short version (HPTO318TS) designed to be as short and compact as possible 

Clutch Controller

The microprocessor based clutch controller designed entirely by our in-house controls department allows for a consistent engagement sequence every time, extending the life of the clutch. 

The HPTO318 utilizes PT Tech’s BASIC3 controller which can be integrated into the equipment’s control system via the SAE J1939 CAN-bus protocol. The BASIC 3 control system also incorporates the proven energy management capabilities that have been extremely successful in our wet clutches, and brings this control and protection to the dry clutch market. 

The start-up sequence uses patented engagement logic involving a series of “bumps” in order to quickly bring the output inertia up to a synchronized speed with the engine while keeping the energy level in the disc pack within design limits. This allows the HPTO318 to start equipment with a large amount of inertia; even under partially jammed conditions. 

The HPTO318 package increases equipment reliability and profitability with a consistent and monitored startup process every single time. 

Technical Specs

Power 460-1,050 hp 343-783 kW
Torque 5,200 lb-ft 7,118 Nm
Max Speed 2,250 rpm
Weight 735-816 lb 333-370 kg
Housing SAE #0