Microprocessor Controlled Hydraulic Clutch

 The HPTO12DG Pump Drive Clutch serves as  a disconnect between your machine’s engine and  its hydrostatic pump drive. The hydraulically-actuated clutch is operated directly from your machine cab with  the push of a button. The optional display panel shows specific diagnostic information about the clutch system. 

 The Pump Drive Clutch eliminates clutch abuse due to operator error. It automatically disengages when the machine is keyed off. The HPTO12DG does not require any adjustment of the disc pack or any greasing. 

The HPTO12DG Controller is based on the same platform that is operating thousands of PT Tech products throughout the world. Its reliability is the cornerstone of productivity. The controller serves four important functions:

  1. Provides a smooth and controlled startup that  helps reduce the strain on pumps 
  2. Monitors and reports system status 
  3. Provides diagnostics when a problem arises 
  4. Prevents unskilled operators from damaging the clutch 
  •  Directly mounts to hydrostatic pump drives 

  •  No adjusting or greasing required 

  •  Self-adjusting for wear 

  • Includes clutch controller that monitors and reports clutch status 

  •  U-Push button clutch engagement 

Technical Specs

Power 300-600 hp 225-450 kW
Torque 3,000 lb-ft 4,067 Nm
Max Speed 2,250 rpm
Weight 300 lb 136 kg
Housing SAE #0