Combination Gearbox/Brake PTT-477C-0


Gearboxes have been copied repeatedly. They are available from a number of sources and they suffer the same problems. Now for the first time there is a new design that addresses old problems. PT Tech is known in the coal industry for its torque limiters and enclosed brakes. Most continuous miners, shuttle cars and scoops have PT Tech products. In other markets PT Tech is also known for its gearboxes…some up to 1000Hp. Now you have the best of both worlds a gearbox AND brake combination. PT Tech is a trusted name for its quality and customer service.

  • Enclosed Wet Brake on Intermediate Shaft
  • Eliminates alignment and leaky seal issues
  • Allows for flow through cooling
  • Same brake regardless of gearbox ratio

  • Brake maintenance is easy

  • Excellent thermal capacity

  • Increased Durability
  • Bigger Shafts
  • Metalurgically stronger shaft material

  • Improved housing for greater strength and rigidity

  • Retrofits old gearboxes easily

  • Same mounting footprint

  • Same ratios

Technical Specs

Gear Ratio 3.35:1  
Parking Brake Torque 3,710 lb·ft 5,030 Nm
Service Brake Torque at 1,300 psi 2,222 lb·ft 3,013 Nm
Min. Parking Brake Release Pressure 1,000 psi 68.9 bar
Max. Parking Brake Release Pressure 1,500 psi 103.4 bar
Horsepower at 1,500 rpm 75 HP 55.9 kW