Creeper Drives:

To keep outdoor conveyors creeping slowly in cold weather thus preventing freeze up of idlers and belts.

Sunday Drives:

Allows slow rotation of equipment during off days as often used in paper mill machinery.

Inspection Drives:

To provide a slow speed for visual inspection of machinery such as long belt conveyors.

Inching Drives:

To provide precise positioning of heavy equipment such as batch mills.

Start-up Drives:

Allows the main drive to reach a self sustaining speed during start-up such as large diesel or gas turbine starter drives.

Turning Gear Drives:

To provide emergency drive for large equipment that would be damaged in the event of a sudden failure of the main drive. This application is used extensively in gas turbine, hot gas fans, rotary kilns and furnaces where the heat could cause distortion of the machinery if it were to remain at rest during a drive failure.

  • Automatic Disengagement for auxiliary drives

  • Drives for Conveyors & Equipment in Power Plants and Mills

  • High Speed Backstopping

Technical Specs

Direction of Drive Rotation counter clockwise
Torque Rating 500 lb-ft
Max. Overrunning Speed 4,000 rpm
Max. Driver Speed 1,000 rpm
Sprag Lift- Off Speed 1,200 rpm
Allowable Chain Pull 1,500 lb