PT Tech Presents our newest product in braking solutions to the global marketplace: Our DMB line of Dynamic Motor Brakes. Our spring-applied, electrical-release DMB Brakes are not a commodity product. We have designed this product to excel in moderate to extreme duty applications, where compromise is unacceptable and only the best is good enough. 

The DMB Brake is designed using the latest 3D modeling and finite element analysis. In addition, the units are tested under extreme conditions. The brakes torque can be validated pre-shipment if OEM specified. 

  • Maintains torque in critical high-energy applications. 

  • Prevents vibration during high-speed stops that can damage drive equipment. 

  • Multi-plate design is compact, allowing for high maximum operating speeds. 

  • Compact design allows for a small mounting flange to help reduce motor cost. 

  • Designed to allow better airflow across motor to avoid the extra cost of external motor cooling fans. 

  • Uses common-wear parts to reduce critical spare parts inventory 

  • One easy adjustment during entire wear life – loosen six bolts, remove three shims, and re-tighten six bolts – done! 

  • Easy to rebuild. 

Technical Specs

Rated Static Torque New 800 nm
Min Static Torque 690 nm
Rated Dynamic Torque New 800
Rated Speed
Rated Brake Energy 5/HR 194 kj