Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake HCDB 1419A


The HCDB “A” is a hydraullically actuated caliper disc brake that directly replaces existing drum brakes. Their overall size is similar to the drum brakes they replace. All of the existing hydraulic components (cylinder, reservoir, circuitry) remain unchanged. Simply remove the existing drum brake and replace it with a HCDB “A” caliper brake.

The HCDB “A” is wear compensating. When released, the brake maintains a consistent operating clearance as the friction pucks wear. This gives the pedal a short and consisten stroke. Whe the friction pucks wear out, replacing them is quick and easy.

Designed specifically for the North American Metals Market, the HCDB “A” fits into the existing available space. The brake assembly tucks under the disc so that it does not protrude. Its unique design allows the caliper assembly to accommodate misalignment and axial movement.

The HCDB “A” uses a ventilated disc for superior thermal performance. PT Tech offers 3 models of the HCDB “A” Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes.

Technical Specs

Torque 600 lb·ft
Disc Weight 128 lb
Max. Pressure 450 psi
Thermal Mass 51 lb

Application Assistance

PT Tech has been analyzing and solving shockload problems for heavy industry since 1980. Our application engineers regularly visit mills to better appreciate the problems that plant engineers and maintenance people face when trying to solve a shockload problem. In addition, PT Tech’s application engineers have two unique tools to assist you. First, our test stands can simulate the inertia shockload up to that of a #820 DC mill motor in the attempt to better understand how a torque limiter will perform in your application. Second, using thousands of test results, PT Tech has developed a computerized selection program that quickly determines the best solution to your shockload problem.