Caliper Disc Brake CDB1317A


PT Tech’s new CDB1317D replaces 13″ drum brakes and conforms to the new AIST brake standard.

If the installation conforms to AIST’s dimensional standard for DC mill motors, then when ordering all that is required is the DC mill motor number and existing electrical coil specifications. In all other installations, please provide a drawing of the existing brake drum. 17″ inch disc replaces an 13″ drum.

PT Tech supports its commitment to excellent field service with a large inventory of parts and a 24-hour emergency service. When Converting The CDBA directly replaces an 19″ drum brake. It has the same mounting footprint and torque capacity as an 19″ drum brake. When converting, it is critical that the disc’s centerline is in the same position as the drum’s centerline. Single-acting caliper disc brakes impose a bending moment. Shafting should be reviewed prior to installation. Consult PT Tech. In most cases, PT Tech can suggest mounting adaptations for non-standard drum brakes. Consult PT Tech.

The CDB1317D caliper disc brake provides higher performance and easier maintenance than the drum brakes it replaces. Upgrading your crane with PT Tech’s CDB1317D will result in the following advantages:

  • Wear adjustment is far easier.

  • Less frequent need for wear adjustments.

  • Improved wear life.

  • Replacing friction pucks is substantially quicker.

  • A set of friction pucks weighs only 4½ pounds.

  • Eliminates drag and slip problems due to drum thermal expansion.

  • Significantly better resistance to heat checking

Technical Specs

Max. Torque – Series Wound 1/2 h 550 lb·ft
Max. Torque – Series Wound 1h 365 lb-ft
Max. Torque – Shunt Wound 1/2 h 550 lb-ft
Max. Torque – Shunt Wound 1h 400 lb-ft
Drum Brake Replaced 13 in
Disc Diameter 17 in