Things Don't Always Go Your Way
So We've Created Products To Back You Up

Material Handling

Don't be shocked by downtime allow our products to ease your shockloads.

We have designed and manufactured torque limiters, wet brakes, and clutch couplings to keep your tire shredders, downhill conveyor brakes, and kiln drives standing up to the forces that would break them.

Conveyor Braking

For the past 20 years PT Tech downhill braking systems have been used in installations around the world. PT Tech is the only brake manufacturer to offer; caliper disc or totally enclosed brakes with each available with standard (open loop) or smart (closed loop) systems....Click Here For Products

Clutch Couplings

By combining sprag type overrunning clutches to gear couplings, the result is the best combination of torque capability to bore capacity of any over-running clutch coupling available to industry. The quality, dependability, and performance of the PT Tech Overrunning Clutch Couplings and Gear Couplings have made them standards for heavy machine industries....Click Here For Products