Microprocessor Controlled Hydraulic Clutch

The HPTO13 is a hydraulically applied clutch. Its friction plates operate in an oil (wet) environment. Its hydraulic design eliminates the need to adjust the clutch throughout its wear life. The VG Pump Drive has 2 pump pads available. The FX Pump Drive has 4 pump pads available

Clutch Controller

The HPTO® microprocessor-based clutch controller eliminates the typical service problems that are associated with operator abuse. The patented start-up sequence brings the driven load smoothly up to engine speed automatically compensating for the power required, optimizing peak engine torque. This means the HPTO12W can start equipment with significant inertia or even under partially jammed conditions. The HPTO13  package increases equipment reliability and profitability by preventing operator abuse. The controller is also SAE J1939 capable allowing it to connect into the machine’s CAN BUS system.

  • Self adjusting for wear
  • “Push-button” start-up
  • No pilot bearing
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Monitors and reports system status
  • Prevents operator clutch abuse

  • Internal rotary union allows for inline applications
  • Designed to absorb shock loads

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

Total Max Pump HP 225 hp
Min. Clutch Torque 2,750 lb-ft
Max System Pressure 2,500 psi
Max Clutch HP 475 hp
Min System Pressure 400 psi
Max Engine Speed 2,250 rpm