Technical Specs

Power 250-460 hp 186-343 kW
Torque 3 000 lb-ft 4 067 Nm
Max Speed 2 250 rpm
Pressure 400-2,500 psi 28-173 bar
Weight 410 lbs 186 kg
Housing SAE #1
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Features of the HPTO®12

Microprocessor Controlled Hydraulic Clutch

The HPTO® microprocessor-based clutch controller eliminates the typical service problems that are associated with operator abuse.

The start-up sequence (patent pending software) involves a series of pulses delivering up to 200% peak engine torque. This means the HPTO®12 can start equipment with significant inertia or even under partially jammed conditions.

PT Tech's HPTO®12 package increases equipment reliability and profitability with its consistent and easy push-button startup process.

  • Self adjusting for wear
  • "Push-button" start-up
  • No pilot bearing
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Monitors and reports system status
  • Prevents operator clutch abuse
  • Internal rotary union allows for inline applications
  • Designed to absorb shock loads